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Terms Of Use

Welcome to Mindgrace. We strive to maintain the highest standards of compliance, while ensuring that you have a rich browsing experience. Before you embark on this journey, we request you to take a few moments to go through the Terms of Use below.

These Terms of Use govern your use of the web site located at www.mindgrace.org (the “Website”). These Terms of Use apply to all users of the Website, whether visitors who merely browse the Website or users who register as patients or caregivers to receive services from the Website.


By using the Mindgrace website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) you agree to be legally bound by these Terms of Use, which shall take effect immediately on your first use of the Website. We may change these Terms of Use from time to time and shall publish a notification to that effect. Your continued use of the Website constitutes an agreement by you to comply with, and be bound by, the amended Terms of Use. Accordingly, we recommend that you access and read the Terms of Use from time to time for changes.


The information contained on this Website is provided by us on a good faith basis. The information is believed to be accurate and current but we make no representation or warranty as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information contained on the Website. We are not a medical services provider and we provide information rather than advice. You should not act on the basis of anything contained on this Website without first obtaining professional advice specific to your circumstances.

We will in no way be liable to you or anyone else for any loss or damage, however caused (and whether direct, indirect, consequential or economic) which may be directly or indirectly suffered in connection with use of this Website or websites which are linked from this Website (“Third Party Websites”).

Description of the Website

The Website provides an online and remote mental healthcare service that allows users to submit a clinical history and symptoms for mental health issues. Based on the information you provide, licensed medical practitioners will provide a diagnosis/treatment plan/query resolution. THE WEBSITE IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN A MEDICAL EMERGENCY OR IN CASE OF AN URGENT HEALTHCARE NEED. If you are suicidal or need immediate crisis intervention, please contact emergency services.If appropriate, you may be referred to an alternative setting to receive care. You are charged a fee by Mindgrace only if a diagnosis/ query answer and/or treatment plan are provided to you.

Use of the Website

If you register to receive services from Mindgrace as a patient or health provider, we will rely on you to provide accurate and complete information throughout both the clinical interview and the registration process, in order to provide appropriate care to you. You may access the Sites services for yourself, or for your minor children as permitted by the rules of the Website. In addition, you must provide a valid email ID and phone number that can be used by us to contact you with any questions after completing the interview in order to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan via the Website/email. You also must notify us as soon as you become aware of any critical change to your information that could impact an active treatment plan provided through the Website.


The Terms of Use include and must be read with our Privacy Policy. By agreeing to the Terms of Use you also agree to the terms and conditions laid down in the Privacy Policy.

In order to receive treatment services, users provide personal contact information as part of the registration/checkout process for patients requesting treatment. Our privacy practices and your rights as a patient of Mindgrace are explained in the Privacy Policy, which may be updated by us from time to time. Subject to the limitations described in the Privacy Policy, we may use your personal contact information (name, mailing address, and email address) to advertise and market our products and services to you (“marketing communications”). You consent to this use of your personal contact information for our marketing communications by your use of our website. You may unsubscribe to future email marketing communications by clicking on the unsubscribe link provided in our email marketing communications. Regardless of your decision to opt-out of future email marketing communications, we may still contact you if you are receiving services from us as a patient or health provider.

Cookies and Web Beacons

To learn what areas of our website are most popular, we collect anonymous, non-personal data about the pages you go to through the use of small files called “cookies” and “web beacons” or “pixels tags,” which may be sent by your web browser to us and stored on your computer’s hard drive. For example, we may use cookies to enable you to use certain website features, store your preferences or recognize you when you return to our website. We may use web beacons (also called pixel tags) on email communication with you (in the form of small graphic images) or on our website to analyze your online behavior and measure the effectiveness of our website and the services we provide to you. Each cookie is automatically deleted after a period of time or when you close your web browser. We use both cookies and web beacons to help us enhance your experience on our website, improve navigation and website design and learn more about your preferences.

At this time, we do not honor “do not track” signals from a web site browser. You are able to limit the computer data we collect from you by setting your web browser to not accept cookies. If you limit the data we collect, some features on our website may not work properly for you and we may not be able to provide certain services to you through our website. We utilize third party applications to collect and manage usage data (for example, how many visitors we have to the website). Third party application vendors may have access to the usage data that we collect.

Login Security

As part of the registration process for patients or caregivers, the Website requires that you create a unique personal login ID and password. You are solely responsible for maintaining the safety and security of your login ID and password. You should change your password if you believe that confidentiality has been compromised.


The content of the Website, including, without limitation, text, graphics, images and other material, including software developed and licensed by us, which permits the access and use of the Website (collectively the “Content”), is protected by intellectual property laws, including copyright laws. All right, title and interest in and to the Content remains vested in us and shall not pass to you or any other user.

Restrictions on Use

You may view or download copies of the material on the Website for your own personal, noncommercial use. You may not, and may not knowingly allow any third party to, (a) reverse-engineer, disassemble, decompile, reproduce, transcribe, translate into any language or computer language, re-transmit in any form by any means, resell, or redistribute the Content without our prior written consent, (b) reverse engineer or attempt to discover any underlying ideas, source code, processes, techniques, technology, design, formula, engineering, or algorithms of the Website, or (c) use the Website for commercial purposes or otherwise use or allow others to use the Website for the benefit of any third party.


The trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, and slogans contained in the Website are the trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos and slogans of Mindgrace. You are not authorized to use any Mark in any advertisement, publicity or in any other commercial manner without our prior written consent. The trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos and slogans contained in the Website that are not our Marks are the trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos and slogans of their respective owners. References that we make to any specific trade name, trademark, service mark, product, service or process of a third party do not necessarily constitute or imply our endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of the third party trade name, trademark, service mark, product, service or process, unless otherwise explicitly provided.

Third Party Websites

The Website may contain links to other sites operated by third parties (“Third Party Websites”). These links are provided merely for your convenience. A link to a Third Party Website shall not be construed as an endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by Mindgrace except where stated otherwise. The links are only provided for you to be able to access such Third Party Website and for no other purpose. Once you access such Third Party Website through this Website, you shall be bound by the terms and conditions of the Third Party Website and not these Terms of Use.

User Feedback

You may be asked to provide feedback on your Mindgrace experience. This feedback is always optional and your choice. This feedback may be hosted and stored at a third party website. You agree to not provide any personally identifiable information such as name as described on the feedback screen.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall we be liable to anyone for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions with respect to the Website or the transmission or delivery of all or any part of the services, for any damage arising thereof, or any results obtained from the use of the Website.


  • You agree that you are at least 18 years old and able to understand vocal and written instructions.
  • You agree that you are not experiencing any suicidal crisis and are not at risk of harming yourself/others.
  • You have read and agree with the Website’s Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.
  • You agree that online and telephone services may not be as effective for all individuals. Thus, Mindgrace reserves the right to choose whether or not to work with you online or by telephone. We can discontinue the sessions at any point of time we find you not suitable for the online services or requiring immediate help in person.
  • You agree and understand that the effectiveness of Counselling and psychotherapy depends on the investment of time and energy you are willing to make. It may not work in the beginning of the sessions but you will definitely get something out of it that will be of help.
  • You understand and agree that the therapeutic relationship and outcome of therapy depends largely on your input and feed backs in resolving your issues.
  • You agree and understand that Counselling can be challenging and discomforting at some point of times as uncomfortable emotions and thoughts can arise as part of the treatment process.
  • You agree that Mindgrace cannot be held responsible for providing services to you during crisis or emergency situations. In such conditions you may require consultation with therapist/doctor available in your local area.
  • You understand that after making your payment, it is your responsibility to contact us within the specified time frame to book/confirm your session time/date if you have not received the confirmation from our side.
  • You understand that we are happy to accept your preferred session times/date at the time of booking but your requested sessions slots are provided subject to availability. You will receive confirmation email with session time/date details or alternative times or dates will be provided for you to select from.
  • You understand that Mindgrace cannot guarantee 100% outcome of the provided treatment. Although we strive to help you in every possible manner and resolve your issues as deeply as possible.
  • You agree and understand that once purchased, all session fees are non-refundable, including when you have not fully complied booking time or have missed or been late for a session.
  • You agree that you are seeking our online services for personal/family member’s Counselling and not using any of our services to undertake research for either private or official use.
  • You agree that your participation in our counselling and psychotherapy services may only be shared or disclosed for your personal therapeutic benefit or for legal purposes if required.
  • You agree to understand that your participation will not be disclosed for any other reason and would not be recorded, transcribed, copied or reported.
  • You understand and agree that as a new, former or current client you are bound by the terms and conditions.
  • You understand that all special offers can be withdrawn or modified at any time.
  • You understand and agree that it is your responsibility to stay up to date with the  these Terms and Privacy Policy.
  • You understand and agree that information related to mental health is not a replacement for professional therapy or diagnosis.
  • You agree that if you are disconnected during a session you will get in touch with Mindgrace through phone/email and also check your inbox for correspondence from them to reschedule/cancel a session.
  • You understand that we do not take any liability for technical errors occurring during session; however, any problem on our part will not be at the client’s loss. Clients will receive appropriate service which they have paid for.
  • You permanently agree to release and indemnify services provided by Mindgrace from all suits, law suits, claims and actions originating from Diagnosis, Treatment Plan, Query Resolution, Consultation, Counselling and Psychotherapy.